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Newfodder Recruiting!


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Hey all, I don't know how many people remember my post (maybe a month ago?) pertaining to a starter clan for everyone. Well that clan has been building up for a while now. And currently we are searching for new members! Everything is researched and the current clan members (although few, hopefully we can fix this soon!), are very friendly and willing to help anyone. 


What's exciting however, is that we will be doing platinum events every 10 members that join! For every new member that you recruit, your chances of winning will increase!These prizes may start out small (maybe 100 platinum or so) but will increase as the clan increases (maybe to 1000!)


So for everyone looking for a group of fun players to play Warframe with, or just to get some help every once and a while. Come join us today!


For joining info, either post here, or message via PSN Wolfy_KM (myself) or D-Train00000 (The Co-Founder)


We look forward to seeing you soon!

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