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Mouse Sluggish/slow Acceleration


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I have seen several other mouse threads, but the issue they describe does not seem to relate to what is happening to me.


The mouse acceleration seems to be off when I am in a menu that has a cursor.  The effect is not nearly as noticeable when there is not a mouse cursor, but is still present.


Whenever I move the mouse it moves slowly for the first .5-3 seconds then jumps up to normal speed.


I have seen topics discussing graphics, etc.  I have disabled everything, and still have the problem.  (Get about 300 FPS at that state).  I have also enabled everything except v-sync, and still have the problem (around 100 FPS).  I have enabled v-sync, and still have the problem (around 60 FPS, then drops to about 45 fps for around the same amount of time as when I move the mouse, then jumps back to 60 fps.  I may be getting a drop on the frames above, but couldn't tell).


I have tested, and confirmed that my cursor does not move as far.  If I go quickly, from the left most to the right most of my motion, I get about 1/4-->1/2 the screen distance.  When I move slowly, it doesn't even take the full range of motion to get all the way across the screen.  Similarly, when I do not have a cursor (IE, on the liset(SP?), not in a menu), full range of motion quickly gets me about 225 degree turn, whereas a slow movement of the mouse is around 720 degree turn.


I could not find anything to deal with mouse acceleration, so could not enable/disable/change/test that.


I could not find anything with mouse sensitivity, but aim sensitivity (which I assume is the same thing) does nothing to fix this problem


I believe that this only started to occur after update 14.0.


If this is working as intended, please let me know, so that I stop trying to fix my computer/game.

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