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Persuadatron Weapon


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does anyone remember the persuadatron weapon from syndicate wars ?

as a agent you could go around zapping civilians making them follow you like mindless zombies



obviously that wont quite work in warframe.. but we already have the assets to make something similar with limitations:


-only works on intermediate level mobs (no eximus, bosses, elite units etc) and only induces its effect at close range

-amount of units u can enthrall has a limit, have to be targeted by the player using the weapon

-unlike SOTD and Mind Control units under your weapons effect do not attack instead they are simply meat shields, enemies and other tenno alike can destroy them but not targetable by sentinels/kubrows (this allows for dynamic crowd control options)

-they simply follow the player using the weapon closely, using pathing similar to specters 


example scenario; 50mins into T4 survival a non-CC warframe switches to their persuadatron like secondary weapon and proceeds to use it on a group of heavy units at a choke point in door way, leading them back to 3 other tenno around the corner


the mob of 8 assorted units, many being dangerous heavy and drones are then destroyed from behind by their fellow corrupted mobs AND from the front by the fellow tenno

the original user must then decide to attempt the same tactic with the persuadatron like secondary or switch back to their primary weapon/melee to do direct damage


or your rushing to extract, deadly enemy firepower hot on your heals, switch to the weapon in a group of mobs and surrounded yourself with thralls who the AI proceeds to target thinning the incoming damage to your warframe as you blaze past 

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No I do not remember the persuadatron from Syndicate Wars because I have never played Syndicate Wars.


That said, what you're asking for we kind of already have in the form of Nyx's Mind Control ability but could be more generally simulated by adding high Radiation damage with high Status chance to induce the Radiation proc, which sort of does what you're thinking of.

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syndicate wars was a great game, widely considered one of the greatest video games of all time and set a new precedence in its time

you can experience its gameplay in the new version satellite reign when it is finally released 


 Radiation proc

good points but unfortunately radiation proc has a very short duration and neither radiation proc or mind control will attach multiple enemy units to a player so neither can be used in the tactical fashion of an persuadatron type weapon thats why it offers a unique mechanic using assets that are already in game

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