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Conclave Melee Is Worse Now


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Aside from the fact that you could be insta-killed with dual ichors or some such crap, now, if you engage in a melee battle with someone in conclave, it's a battle of who can stun-lock the hardest. 


Please fix this. It's quite, well, bullS#&$ that you look at someone and immediately stumble like a baffoon when they hit you with anything. I don't understand stumbling when getting hit by a Venka or Pangolin sword, because those are slash weapons designed to cut you in half. Not to rattle your brain like you got hit with a baseball bat.


Also, take off the insta-handspring. It added to the danger of the whole thing. Now that you immediately get it, it takes away the need to be careful of being knocked down. 


Lastly... Fix the UI. You can't pause and exit before actually entering the game. So, if you're in a conclave and both participants are AFK, you'll be stuck there unless you close the application. You can't open chat or the menu, you're stuck. 

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if you start to get staggered by someones melee, simply spam the roll button to roll away. works for me everytime to escape stun locks.

that said, i personally think the staggering is ok since tennos now have that huge buff to health and shield in pvp.

most melee weapons would actualy be useless without the stagger due to the low damage they do now. imo if they do take aaway the stagger, then at least buff the damage somewhat, similar to the way it was before.

in a group fight, staggering does come at a price since youre open to getting shot easily while you take your time to slowly whittle away at their health.

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The problem here is that there is no real way to counteract being chain-stunned via melee (other than getting lucky with reflex guard), especially if you don't have your melee weapon equipped.


I think there should be a 'quick-block' hotkey, much like the quick-melee function, which would allow you to quickly block incoming melee attacks if you are fast enough - but it shouldn't block ranged attacks. It would simply be a way to counter being chain stunned by melee while you have primary/secondary equipped.


I also think if you block a melee attack with parry, it should stagger the opponent instead, making it much more rewarding to parry, and much less rewarding to simply spam melee.

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