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Warframe Chat...anyone Else Found This?


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There are some people in trading who are really amusing, and then there are people like that. I get people pm-ing me saying no one's gonna buy my stuffs when in fact, I'm already in the middle of trading with another guy. I mean, 10-15p for Boltor P bp is ok right?


It's not like I'm forcing them to buy it, but they even bothered to go as far as pm-ing just to say that means they have nothing better to do but being bitter.

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Once, just once have I had to deal with this kind of person.


He wanted the mod for free, so I told him he could have it if he answered my riddle.


I settled on an easy one to give him a chance, the riddle was: Take off my skin - I won't cry but you will.  What am I.


He replied with "me" or something to that effect.


I told him the answer was Onion.


This guy went ballistic and much swearing ensued.


And that is why, if you ever trade with me I will always offer a riddle challenge in exchange for a mod.

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Should probably post what it was your were trying to buy or sell to cause less confusion on the whole situation.


As to his attitude he was trolling, you were baited, and even began to start stooping down to his level when you started comparing his mastery rank to yours. The best and only thing you should do in these situations is ignore them or tell them have a nice day if you can not come to an agreement on a trade.  

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I was trying to sell something (don´t remember what it was) and one guy said he was willing to buy it.


I invited him to dojo, but he said he didn´t receive it.


After 3rd try he said something like this: "Did you really think I´m going to buy your ****? GTFO scammer!"


He could have just said that I´m selling for too high price...

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I am assuming that you were selling something for 70p, then this guy jumped out from nowhere with no intention of buying your stuff and began criticizing your pricing?


Self-righteous trade police is disgusting.

Nah, i wasn't selling, i saw a guy selling something for 70p, then i said: "That's is cheap lol"

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Idiots are everywhere. I always find them funny in game-chats, high levels of entertainment value.


Me: "WTS Boltor Prime set, 60 plat"

guy :"How about 10 plat + Rhino Systems?"

No response

guy: "Hello?"

Me: "That's a crap deal for me and you know it."

Guy: "How about 10 plat + Mag BP?"

Me: "Have a nice life."


Trade chat is the best thing ever.

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