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X United Forever!


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Its far past time for me to of re-written this post about Clan X UNITED, it has pretty much been torn into 4 dimensions. I say this because being one of the very first Clans to of formed on Xbox One to my knowledge, there were bound to be issues, the hype was the fuel to the clans fire and well when the hype dies out so do the people, it also didn't help that several other clans & people caused problems for the clan, and that I admit to accidentally making mistakes on my own which I do and do not regret in which created more issues (several people in this thread included), but all in all everyone went their separate ways & moved on. I thank all of you who joined X United & all of you who may someday join it ranks, but that day will be long fought.


To anyone who may read this, let it be known those who call themselves #1 are full of themselves and piles of lies.


To my good friends who I betrayed or even stabbed in the back, I apologize for the wrongs I did to you, please forgive me.


So I now say goodbye and farewell and may your frame stand tall in the Dark of Space.



Side note: Feel free to follow me on Twitch & Youtube, my channel name on both is MrGeekCritic, or message me on Xbox & add me if you wanna chat.

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