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Mismatch Of Latron Colours Between Codex And Weapon Default


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In the Codex, the rifle looks like this: Silver barrel & trigger, dark leather shaft, pale blue energy colour (nodules below the muzzle).


In game, it looks like an iron rifle trawled from a port basin: Barrel & trigger (Tint Color 4) are a dark, dull gray, the shaft has the colour of Far Cry 2 rust, there is no energy colour at all.


Using the Gamma palette, I tried to reproduce the correct colouration by picking (from (0, 0) at the right top):

  • Primary: (14, 1)
  • Secondary: (14, 1)
  • Tint Color 3: is not applied, thence does not matter
  • Tint Color 4: (17, 4)
  • Energy: is not applied, thence does not matter

But in this way neither the depicted shaft colouration nor the missing energy colour can be replicated properly.


Tint Color 3 should probably overlay Primary, so that the same grey that is on default set on Tint Color 4 can be blended with the brown on Primary to produce the correct appearance.

Secondary should probably overlay Tint Color 4 to provide the silvery shine on a white priming.

- Then Secondary and Tint Colour 4 might be swapped to more intuitively reflect their positions.

Energy just has to be fixed to actually show up and then be picked accordingly, mayhap (6, 4) on the default palette (is pure white, (17, 4) on default).


Not thrilled to have looked at this nice picture so longingly and then be surprised with the dump gun delivered.

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