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Corpus Tech Reimagithingie [Artwork]


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So, first time posting. I'm sorry if I missed something like a subsection for this sort of thing. Regardless...

I've always looked at the Corpus Techs and kinda not really liked them. I've noticed some changes to them over the course of the various updates, so some of this is not entirely appropriate anymore, but I'd gone through and devised some thematic and artistic changes to them. Basically, they were big, stompy red crewmen.




They carried around a mass of heavy ordinance, could spawn Shield Ospreys and took an absolute ton of punishment before dying. So, I got to thinking, "What if they had a unique model?"

Well, I'm garbage at modeling, so I only drew a rough concept, and reimagined them in all of their weird, strangely-oversized glory.


Now, unfortunately, I have no idea how to post images directly on to the forums (not even sure if I can right now), so there's a link to imgur for now.




So sorry :'(

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I am all sorts of down with this.


Forums have talked about Technicians being in some kind of powered armor/mech suit before.  I always liked the idea more than just being big Crewmen.  Corpus are the least impressive enemy visually; we have a dozen each of Crewman and Moa variants and half a dozen Ospreys all just painted in different colors.  Grineer units actually have different armor and there are five different infantry body types.  


Your design really is great.  It's not just different, and it's imposing and looks like a battle-read Corpus warrior rather than just a dude in a space suit and bucket helmet.  I thought the legs also looked Grineer-esque at first but after a closer look I think they look a lot like Moa legs.  The antenna/back piece/overall shape also gives him a bit of an Orokin vibe, which Technicians have gotten recently with the Void Key imprint on their helmets.  Also looks like he could probably fit folded-up Shield Ospreys on his back.

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I like it. There are few things I'd tweak here and there (not that I can draw to save my life) but over all its good.

The corpus Techs always needed to have a kind of heavy, power armor type look. Rather then just being bigger crewman in orange suits. I really dig the different visor for their helmets as well. Looks really cool to have a design that fits with the corpus look but isn't just a recoloured crewman or MOA.

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I'm really glad that you guys all like this. Unfortunately, I'm an idiot and cannot figure out the embedding thing. EVERY TIME I DO, IT JUST STAYS A LINK, but without the https: nonsense.


I'm so baaaaad.


Anyways, I'd put about an hour into this and kinda got lazy. The Supra should be evidence of that, as well as the legs. My original idea would've had thinner legs with a lot more detail and free-hanging wires, but I'm glad I got lazy, then.

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