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Excavation & Cryotic: How Will They Be Handled Afterwards?


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so, as we all know, the current event introduced a new (awesome) gamemode named excavation, which is basically the bada55-version of a mining-trip, specifically for a new ressource called cryotic


this ressource is currently exclusive to the event, yet needed for the research/production of the new glaxion (icebeam, hurray!)


so my question is this: how will we be able to get cryotic after the event but before the new gamemode is here to stay? might we be keeping excavation already? get the new tileset this week? (i doubt it, DE are busy due to xbone-release, but one can dream...) or just get cryotic as another random-drop on europa to actually give a reason to play that planet outside of farming for nova?

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but that isnt gonna happen immediately after the event ends, judging from past events: we get the event, we wait a few weeks for the next major update which brings a new tileset with the gamemode


i'd be happy as all hell if we got to keep excav (it is awesome), but i doubt it, so the problem of cryotic remains for people who missed the event



Edit: also, sorry i cant quote to answer, my browser for some reason wont let me

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