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Weapon Realism Ch2: My Version Of The Latron


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What's up guys? You may or may not remember the time that one dude posted something called the "MkII Braton". That was my attempt at finding a happy medium between Warframe's/Digital Extremes's original weapon design and practical, functional weapon design from a modern technology standpoint.


Well, I've recently decided to take on the Latron, and I must say, the Latron MkII isn't all that exciting. It's not much to look at, really. However, I'd be willing to bet a lot of money that it'd function quite well in the field. Simplicity is dependability, after all. Enough talk. Here's your Latron.



Original Latron for reference:


As a good friend of mine would say, "Classic with no faults, but not outstanding." I made an integrally suppressed and a normal version.

Length: 800mm (~31.5in)
Barrel length: 465mm (~18.3in)
Calibre: 7.62x51mm NATO
Fire mode(s): Semi-automatic

List of changes:
>Removed a whole bunch of stuff that didn't serve any function
>Added ejection port and bolt carrier (charging handle is part of the bolt carrier, like an AK)
>Added magazine well and magazine
>Added assembly pins where needed
>Replaced forward section with floating quad rail
>Re-imagined and re-positioned cheek rest

>Cleaned up trigger guard and trigger.

Blender v.2.71, Cycles render [1000 passes], Adobe Photoshop CS6

Full res can be found here: http://jackbryanreynard.deviantart.com/art/Latron-MkII-479780444


tldr hey guys i married AK action + M14 gas system and slapped it into the Latron

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Yep, your standard 1911 is just a slide modification and an under-barrel flashlight away from being a Lex.


I would still like to see it though.

I myself think the Lex looks like the marriage of a 1911 and a Desert Eagle. I'll get around to doing the Burston, but I have a pretty hefty to-do list before I get there. 2 commissions, a Portal scene, a STALKER scene, and Caitlyn's rifle from League of Legends. You guys all have the link to my deviantart from the original post, so you can go follow that if you want to stay up to date with my work. shipsightjourney.tumblr.com is also an option. I don't frequent these forums, so yeah.


Also, thanks for the postive responses, guys! Anybody else doing Latron Wraith critcannon build?

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