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Lag Spike/ Occasional Crash When Using Navigator.


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After the most recent update, every time I use the navigator the game will freeze for quite some time- sometimes even just crash the game.


When I get into the game itself, I can still run a good 120fps at highest settings, so I doubt opening a menu should take up much more power than actually playing the game.


I reproduced this bug several times to see what's happening. What I've discovered:


Windowed mode increases the chance of the game crashing.


I could do anything else, the freeze does not effect anything else of my computer. It's just the game.


If it doesn't crash, it won't freeze when I use the navigator again until I restart the game.



Windows 8.1

CPU: AMD A10-5750m

VGA: AMD Radeon HD7970M / 2GB CDDR5


HDD: 750GB 7200RPM

RF: 802.11b/g/n


plz fix or lern 2 mayk games (I always do this because people say this all the time. This is not how I actually feel, I know how much work this all is)

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