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Reseting My Warframe Account


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now i  want to reset my warframe account or what ever because im not very good with mag and want to choose voltz and i aslo dont want to make a new email so i would like to know how i can reset my account so i can restart from the start again


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While Volt is harder to craft than Mag since it's clan dependent, the difference between the two really isn't that great, as Cleverbird stated.


Everyone has a bit of a bumpy ride starting out because of energy management and a lack of offensive and defensive mods.

As for the new starter weapons, you can straight out buy them for 15 000 credits each. No craftng needed, just buy them from the market or the equip screen.

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Max mag spell mods. Use shield polarize on corpus maps. Use bullet attractor on those bombards and other big enemies on grineer maps. Or maybe that poor soldier between you and heavy.


Basically pull is your everywhere skill. Damage on start and later cc.

Volt is easy to get from dojo that has clan tech researched.

Mk-1 weapons are cheap, u should not have problem if you don't like your starter weapons.

Try mk-1 kunais  15 k credits, almost same stats than stalker despair or normal kunais. :)  (comes with 2 V- polarities) so u get more mods to fit for it.
your starting plat is 50?
12 plat = 2 weapons slots, but you can't buy single weapon slot at time. frame slot = 20 plat
20+20 + 12= 52   2 frame slots  2 weapon slots  but you need to sell something,
12 +12 + 20= 44  frame slot and 4 weapon slots ( I recommend)


Don't worry about credits, maybe your future clan mates can help run few credit runs so u can have easier start and even sentinel.

For beginner and mag u might want to keep redirection few point more upgraded than vitality while leveling. Also NOT DAMAGED serration is your biggest friend on primary weapons. (hornet strike pistols)    melee mods are cheap to upgrade (pressure point)


weapons don't get damage while leveling, frame gets hp and shields and power (mana pool)
upgrading spells don't increase power cost, only positive effects

Every weapons feels a bit of po-op before u get mods upgraded.

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