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Welcome Xbox One (From Ps4)


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Any new starters to the game on Xbox, (Even PS4 AND PC) you're in for one hell of a ride.


I started to play this game in March and wow, i couldn't beleive that a free to play game could keep me hooked on to it for this long, you may find it as a daunting task to find everything, every little mod, every little part challenging or just plain annoying (i know i have 'cough' Boltor Prime BP 'cough) but persevere with it, you will get eveything you want, either by playing everything or buying with plat, but this game will keep you hooked onto it with the things it can offer.


Xbox One Tenno, you have the whole Solar System at your finger tips, Defend it well


p.s make sure you pray to the almighty lord RNGesus everyday ;)


Yours Sincerely a PS4 Tenno (and hopefully PC Tenno)

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