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So. Any Chances Of A Bigger Ship?


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I know it'd be a lot of work. And that it's a bit greedy to ask for it.


But a way to get a slightly bigger ship would be really cool.


As it is now, the Liset is great, but it feels... small. Cramped.

I get that is actually IS small, but apparently it's bigger on the inside, so why not have a way to up the size a bit?


Are there already plans to have something like this? It'd be a welcome addition when ship customization turns up.

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As much as I agree that it's cramped, at least the integration of functionality is there (unlike dojo where you got to run miles to reach a lab, for example). 
BUT i would appreciate if the ceiling of the liset is set slightly higher.

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Actually looking back there was some talk of having a larger ship for the liset to dock to. However we have not ever heard anything about since this animation was released on a live stream. 



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