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First Time On Dark Sector Pvp Feedback


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Hi, i would like to share my thoughts on dark sector pvp.

*note that this was just the first 7 missions ive done in this mode*

Main issues:


1. The tons of session unavailable while joining a game.

2. Losing team always alt-f4 or leave, it might be their cheat tactic? ive encountered 4 host migrate quits on the 7 mission i went to. its not a good thing. although im thinking disabling alt-f4 or quitting is useless since they could just disconnect their internet  

3. Everyone is an Ash with shuriken bleed. its overpowered. aswell as his bladestorm. ive made people cry with it. eventually all people will be only using ash. 


Overall feedback:

The matchmaking is troublesome with the network problems , the dirty quitting tactic wastes time

and ash is an overpowered frame that 70% of the people are using.
the mode is allright but im not participating again because of the annoying stuff. 

thanks for reading and have a nice day.



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I tried this gametype exactly once. I really like the idea of a siege-type mode, but the way the mods are handled (people joining in later being at a huge disadvantage) made it impossible for me to really accomplish anything. To be honest, though, I'm not a fan of PvP (I deal with enough IRL PvP) in general, so I'm probably not the best judge.

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after dueling in the dojo, exactly twice, i think pvp has NO PLACE in this game whatsoever.


The abilities are simply not suited for pvp.  i was one-shot by an orthos.  where's the fun in that?  Hint, there isn't any.  


This game is pve, and it should stay pve, and should abandon pvp entirely.

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there are cases that ive joined a mission at the middle of the fight


im on the losing team and the winning team were allover the spawn point


there were NO chance to win these fights if you ever been in that situation


btw im not saying the whole pvp dark sector thing is bad, it needs alot of reviews and tweaks 

its a bold move of this game to have pvp


ive also read about steve saying "u15 archwing will not be introduced to dark sectors" 

i wanted to share, but its not time to discuss that one anyway - but i kind of like the idea of archwing fights.


i just hope the things that are mentioned at my post are read by some staff, i dont know if they have people reading the forums - but my friend said they do as they state it at devstreams

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