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Eris Md: Kubrow Instantly Dies From Gas


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So first of all I want to say that MD on Eris is actually pretty awesome... except for the obnoxious bugs that are still plaguing it. So I only had two terminals to defend. First one had no gas--no problems. Go to the second one in the corrosive gas room and boy did the problems start and never stop.


Maybe this isn't a bug but I would like to mention having the option to vent the gas for two whole seconds every thirty seconds is meaningless and is not enough time for shields to recharge beyond 100~ before they're broken down again. When doing this solo, it is literally not possible to keep your shields active in any respect unless you're playing as Mag or Trinity. Was I just freaking out and missing something? Because I only saw the two panels to do this with. Are there supposed to be more? Because I sure couldn't find them.


I dealt with it somehow by spamming Reckoning with needles milimeters from my eyeballs and it was actually exciting as ****. I loved it.


UNFORTUNATELY... as soon as the terminal was done being guarded, my Kubrow instantly died. No bleedout despite using a maxed Loyal Companion. He was fightin' and doing stuff up until that point so he hadn't died previously and my HUD caught up to his current condition. Just instantly got vaporized out of existence, and it's not like the gas was damaging his shields or health up until that point. So... I dunno. THAT certainly seems like a bug to me.


Furthermore, while exiting the ship after that point, the "muffled outerspace" sound effects never let up. The entire time while running through the airlocked interior of the ship had sound effects as though it was depressurizing. Playing with headphones at the time, kind of started to make my head feel like it was having excessive pressure problems.


Was a rank 29 Sunika using both of his unique precepts if that matters for any reason.


So glad I'll not have to do another Eris MD now that they're all done. I mean, I really like the idea, but it's still buggy to the point that I'd just rather never do them again until this is fully sorted out. :I

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I can confirm this, I had the xsame problem in the second room where every few moments my warframe would get a 7 second corrosive proc, however, my sentinel was unaffected, it's a huge problem that massively affects solo, but i thought it was meant to be this way. 

The continues corrosive proccing hinders enjoyable playtime on that particular segment of the map :/

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