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Red Replaces All Blue Colors


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Hi there,


Just had a Defense mission on the Ceres Dark Sector node (Shipyard tileset). Everything regarding the 3D elements which is usually blue was red.


Here is a picture of the - ususally blue - rifle ammo box and an energy orb (yes, this is an Energy orb):




And here is a picture of Vauban's Vortex (actually blue energy color) and the usual "Ghost" form of a warframe (when they are behind a wall):




However, when I entered Vauban's Bastille or Vortex, or used one of my own abilites, everything returned to its own, usual, blue colors for the duration.


- Everything which is not usually blue was not affected.

- Lotus transmissions and other UI elements were not affected.

- Blue credits were red, green credits were green as usual.

- When I returned to the Liset, everything was fine. this bug affected the game session only.


I hope I included everything needed.

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I've seen this happen on Eris frequently. I assume it's intended to be an atmospheric lightning effect. However, having it affect particle effects and, well, things that aren't supposed to be solid-state and are more ethereal energy shouldn't really be influenced by the pollution effects.


There was a time when it didn't affect energy colors but lo and behold, looks like it's doing it again. Bah.

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Turn of "Color correction" and everything will be back to normal.

I don't know if it's intended, but it's a thing.

^ color correction doesnt properly work on this particular map


this is the same map as draco, ceres....its had problems even before u14


my classic saturated blue ends up turning pink in the map....there are some instances where you can move the angle and regain the original color or use specific abilities that change the lighting for a split second which reverts the color bad....but it just ends up with the red hue again


On topic-ish: I always thought the lighting was intentional, to emphasise that it is a DARK sector. 

^other dark sector maps dont have the same lighting issue though

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