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Feedback On How To Make Warframe More "ninja" (Dodge And Wallgrab)


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--Would like to share an idea to the animations to make warframe feel more ninja by
eplacing barrel rolls with varied randomizedmovesets of dash/dodging

using the barrel rolls commands (holding W, A, S, D and double tapping SHIFT)


• holding W and double tapping shift will do a forward jump flip of 4meters that can be matched with pressing "E" 

for QUICK Jump-stab or slam depends on weapon animation for mellees


• holding A or D and double tapping shift 
will trigger a quicker and longer dodge move animation that includes of
3 RANDOMIZED and better dodge/dashing somewhat capoera like animations 

it will make the side rolls be replaced with dodging/dashing animation
that gives more invincibility and will cover more distance enabling players
to use it more frequently on sticky situations 


• holding S and double tapping shift will trigger a double back flip
5meters high (makes for more ninjaesque movements and hopefully adds parkouring feel)



--On the wallgrab feedback (this is an existing feature when you wall run horizontally BUT can be done easily)


• Jumping to a wall (or when in air) and pressing "spacebar" once will trigger you to stick and grab to the wall  
• pressing space again will eject you with a backflip animation



replace side barrel roll animations with more random-varied dodge/dash capoera-like animations to give way for acrobatic dodge styles.
back and forward barrel rolls will be replaced with dodge like acrobatic jump flip animations 5meters high


i just want to share out ideas thank you very much for your time and reading tenno! 


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