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Wtb Heavy Trauma Mod (Melee) & Wts Loki Prime Helmet


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I was able to purchase Heavy Trauma. So, now my only other goal is to sell the Loki Prime helmet. My price requests are as follows:


1. Heavy Trauma - 20P (unranked prefered) - Thank you to sole_hokage for selling me this mod at a very good price.


2. Loki Prime Helmet - 30P


I am always open to negotiating these prices and am pretty easy to work with. So if you have interest in either one of these but aren't comfortable with the prices listed, please feel free to PM me on PSN (Nen_Rx). I respond much quicker to PSN PMs than I do to posts on this forum.


I have lots of experience trading and these are just starting point baseline prices for both items. I have seen these two items go multiple times for both more plat and less. So again, I am open to negotiating.


Thank you in advance.

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