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Extra Mod In Fusion Process Has No Effect


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Prism (mirage ability, rare) rank 0/3, nothing fused into yet

I fused 27 pull cards into it (mag ability, common) and then i select sonar (banshee ability, uncommon).

The game told me i could add a max of 5 sonars into it, but if i select 4 sonars, prism will be fully maxed as well.

So if i pick 4 or 5 sonars makes no difference at all, in both cases prism is maxed.

But if you select 5, an extra mod is wasted and it costs 600 credits more.

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Take a closer look and plz recheck-- are you sure prism isn't just going up to rank 3 and stopping JUST shy of it? I know currently it does this when auto fusing mods and you have to actually "push" it over the edge manually with one more mod- it's trying to give you the most cost efficient way so it stops JUST short of maxing it. Still a math bug I would say but it saves credits so... If you do this again look again? (The bar will appear as if the mod has been maxed) but the stats will say for example on rime rounds- 45-45 instead of rank 2- rank 3- 45 --> 60 " IE this happened to me when I ranked up one of the new ice + status mods on PC. I had to push it over with another random duplicate ammo drum or something

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yes, i am 1 million thousand hundred percent sure.

if you click on a mod it normally gives the number until the mod is maxed or all the mods you have in stack.

In this case i had 26 sonars left and it said 5. But because sonar is uncommon i always take 1 less to avoid overfusing. So i typed 4 to add another common mod so nothing is wasted.

But after i typed 4 and BEFORE i added the extra common mod it was already maxed. Then i tried 5 again and back to 4.

It didnt matter at all, in both cases it went to rank MAX


thats why i gave the exact mod names and things i fused into it, so DE can try to reproduce it

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