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What Are The Best Looking...


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So what do you think are the best looking...





warframes / skins?


Maybe you want to categorize by faction, or intricate designs vs. simply stated ones... whatever go nuts. Just list some of your favorites!




A few of mine are:


Primary : Torid

Secondary: Twin Gremlins

Melee: Jat Kittag

Frame: Volt / Immortal skin ... also dat Loki + Swindle helm

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Primary: None. To me they are all not very good looking

Secondary: Akzani. Dual power drills

Melee: Kronen. Beautifully designed and very sleek too. The placement of the Kronen when holstered is also really nice too.

Ash with the scorpion helm, white for primary color and black for everything else. WHen mixed in with the immortal skin for him, it looks very nice. 

I don't prefer any kind of aesthetics.

Corpus have a blocky-ish kind of feel.

Grineer are too brown/green oriented.

Infested…yeah no.

Tenno always have those little whiskers or metal ornaments sticking out. It's not pretty.

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Primary: Braton Prime looks great. Karak is nice, simple assault rifle, you can tell it's reliable just by looking at it.

Secondary: AkLex, Lex Prime for the feel of powerful handgun. AkZani or Dex Furis otherwise.

Melee: Dragon Nikana is great. Pangolin Sword is also a very elegant weapon.


Frame: Excalibur

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The devs got some feedback about holstered weapons looking awesome like armor or decorations, specifically with Cernos and they seem to have taken that to heart. Silva Aegis and Konen both look really good just being worn like armor while using guns, and look even better while going melee.


Vauban mixing in the phased stuff from STEAM is like artistic cheating. Neat effects you can't get otherwise. I like to do regular body with phased head and phased syandana, then use that same phased color for my energy color on all my stuff. There's a line in the free pallet pallet that works.



My favorites?

Zephyr, default helm, no attachments.

Karak. Wraith Twin Vipers and Machette.


Zephyr in muted chocobo colors, almost-brown-yellows.

Grineer stuff in militaryish greens, maybe a bit too bright.

(Desert Camo skin for WTV -> same green for whole body for solid color w/grey metal bits.)

All sky-blue energy colors.


Not the best setup, but I used her for earth missions like this just because all I was doing was shooting stuff with Karak and keeping WTV for in case of G3. Machette just because it matched. Sometimes swapped for other melee, but Machette looks best IMO. I find myself wanting to go back and play her like that a lot, just because it feels good. Good set of skills, good combo of weapons. Stats just aren't there to carry Karak higher and I missed the Machette Wraith, which there's no skin for anyway so I couldn't make it green like I did with WTV.




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