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Conclave Update


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Has anyone ever noticed that Focus Energy (rare melee mod, 40% channeling efficiency+60% additional electricity dmg, costs 9 Mod energy at maxed rank with a V polarity) has a smaller conclave ranking (C20) compared to Shocking Touch (uncommon melee mod, %60 additional electricty dmg, costs 11 Mod energy at maxed rank with a - polarity), which is rated C40.


Now this may be one glaring example, but considering that we now have special missions that are restricted by conclave, shouldn't DE update the conclave rating system?


I mean, for another mind-boggling example, Melee Prowess is a whopping C50 rating with a bonus of 15% (at maxed rank) of your weapons status chance. All of the dual stat elemental mods deal 60% additional elemental dmg as well as an precedented 60% status chance, and the most you will see is a C30 rating.


Also, considering how massively OP channeling is with the right set of Mods, why don't they even have a mod score?


What gives DE? With conclave locked alerts, we need an update to the conclave rating system.

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