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Do I Want To Invest More Forma Into Excalibur?



On the plus side:


+ I could REALLY make improvements. Right now I can't even afford to populate all the mod slots since they are still polarized with = type.


+ Excalibur is extremely powerful with a specialized Blind build



On the negative side:


- Pressing 2 constantly is kind of boring. Excalibur is to CC as Nekros is to looting.


- If they rebalance his skills some day I might regret removing = polarities




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I am almost finished with his 4th Forma now. 

I have added them over time (when I have nothing better to do). The fact that I do not own the Prime and that it will not be available again gave me more reason to invest multiple forma in him. The Proto skin also makes me feel as if he deserves more forma than other frames. If you don't have it I can understand the hesitation though. 

Considering the recent absorb nerf, Excal almost definitely outclasses Nyx for the top CC role and this prompted me to finally add the last Forma I needed. 

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I can't imagine using four = on one frame, even with neutral skills. Just too many slots and not enough power available/being generated to use them all. Any frame you're serious about should have one = traded for a D at very least IMO.

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