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It doesnt show in the mission complete window how many points you received nor how much multiplier you received forthe mission.

Also in the profile / stats / operationpoints it wont show the points already collected forthe quest.

I was running a couple of missions for that quest now from easy to hard but nothing is in my stats...

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The Specters of Liberty event ended a few months ago. The Rescue 2.0 missions and Specter rewards have remained, but you cannot accumulate score towards the event, nor can you obtain the Rakta Syandana anymore. 


While the subject of this thread would have been more accurately titled something like "Problem with Rescue 2.0 missions in Update 14.1", the meat of what the OP posted had nothing to do with the Specters of Liberty event itself or the Rakta Syandana. 


The OP is correct that upon completion of a Rescue 2.0 mission, there is no indicator of points received for objectives accomplished or the difficulty multiplier for that particular Rescue 2.0 mission, as was described in the original Specters of Liberty update notes:



Rescue 2.0 Mission Rewards are a permanent addition to the game. The Red Veil will always reward you for rescuing their Operatives with Specter Blueprints — Blueprints for new, deployable AI Warframes that can be used in missions or in defense of your Clan's Solar Rails.


Your Mission Rewards will be determined by the difficulty level and number of points earned in each Mission you complete.

Up to 3 points can be earned by completing the following:

Rescue a hostage = 1 point

Don't set off the kill switch = 1 point

Kill all Wardens = 1 point


Your Specter Blueprint will be awarded according to your score. More difficult missions offer stronger Specters.(One Blueprint reward per Mission.)


Your points will then multiply according to the difficulty of the node to determine your Operation Reward:

Easy (Vallis on Mars or Numa on Saturn) -- x1 Point Multiplier

Medium (Brugia on Eris or Mab on Uranus) -- x2 Point Multiplier

Hard (Nereid on Neptune or Cinxia on Ceres) -- x3 Point Multiplier

Nightmare (if occurring) -- x4 Point Multiplier


Though the event may be over, this is still relevant because the points scored directly affect the Specter rewards for completion of the Rescue 2.0 mission.


To expand on the OP's bug report, I would also add that since Update 14.1 went live, I have noticed that there are no longer any on-screen update messages that should immediately appear in the midst of running the mission as soon as one of the objectives is accomplished.  For example, messages you would see after successfully rescuing the hostage without the kill-switch having been activated, or once all the wardens have been killed, do not appear as they used to (and that last one--getting no notification that all the wardens have been eliminated--is especially annoying, as it can result in a lot of time wasted scouring the area for any remaining wardens after they've already been wiped out).

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