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Warframe Mod Slot Suggestions:


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I'm inspired to write this post after reading the following topic:


I agree on a lot of points made by the author, but I don't like the alternatives he proposes as I really like the modding system. I think the following few things can easily facilitate a similar outcome (to an extent).

One of the big points is that utility mods like "Hacker" "Thief's Wit" are almost never used simply because we can't install them due to slot limitations. So my suggestion is just like warframes have AURA slots, add an x amount of utility slots. Currently we have 6 useable slots, assume we keep all 4 skills which we like to do.

Streamline is equipped on every frame for me pretty much. Then we have mods like continuity, stretch, intensify, constitution, retribution and vitality. Often this alone will fill up all your slots thus utility never gets a chance. We may have one slot into which we'd put sprint boost or something. Often times I just don't have slots to use utility and all those great mods are sitting around. Sometimes I'd slap them on if I'm doing an easy mission but being not a veteran most hard missions are impossible as is.

So just add 2-3 utility slots, make all utility warframe mods UTILITY type and only those can be equipped in said slots. Utility mods should be classified as adding no combat advantage or effectiveness but rather serve some utility purpose in the game.

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