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Make Banshee's Sonar Behave The Same As Silence:


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Can sonar be just like silence in that it is a field which moves with Banshee? Just as before we had to keep recasting silence over and over, the same is true for Sonar. It's one of my favorite frames to run missions solo with a sniping rifle. I don't know where the enemies are and so I cast Sonar. I may detect one or two on the fringe but as I approach them there are a lot more than I anticipated. I feel it would be nice to have these two skills work in synergy making Banshee a stealth warframe that is not invisible.

-As an aside, does enemy sense and enemy radar add to sonar's range, or simply the one with the longest range is in effect?

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Ah well if that is a concern I'd be very happy if the initial cast marked enemies, but the scanning effect acted the same way as silence. So any new enemies would be marked on the minimap but not affected by the weak spot effect unless one recasts the ability while they are in range.

This is what id like to see too


Its not useful enough as is when youre on the move and when enemies are constantly pouring in


Aside from that delicious damage boost

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