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What Would You Like To See Become Akimbo?


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Its poll time!

Put your top 3 weapons that you would like to see become Akimbo like this:

1 - AkStug

2 - AkAcrid (not calling this Akrid is a crime really :P)


3 - AkSicarus Prime


Since there's no actual poll option, I'll check everything by hand and put the most popular ones in the main post after a while or so and feel free to comment on why you made your picks.


The top 3 so far:


Marelok has the most votes so far


Pyrana is now a strong second!


Sicarus is now a sad third.


Special mention:


Dual wield Brakk and Detron for awesome points.


Keep the votes coming!

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Insofar the "Ak" prefix has been used exclusively for Tenno pistols, "Twin" for Grineer pistols, and "Dual" for Corpus pistols and all dual melee weapons.


That said, I would like to see AkPyrana, AkLex Prime, Twin Mareloks, and Dual Spectra.

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Already exists.



I already said that

This is a poll, we're supposed to vote and have multiple people say hopefully the same thing to reach a conclusion.

We're supposed to repeat our preferences.

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