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Not Able To Extract At 5 Minutes On Survival Alerts Anymore?


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So I haven't done any survival alerts in a long time (since U13 first came out). Just a bit ago, I attempted to solo the plasma sword alert on jupiter, thinking "I can easily get to five minutes by myself, and i won't have to deal with people". I also figured that, since it was only five minutes and a pretty low level mission, I might as well bring along some stuff to work on leveling up as well.

So then, five minutes came and went...  and no evac.  I had mostly unranked stuff, and the spawns were trash, so... Long story short, at 9:33 I ran out of air, ran around trying to find evac for a few minutes, got ticked off, and went and let a grineer kill me.


So to the question: Is this a new thing that you have to go for a long time on an alert before it lets you evac?

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