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Tenno... Are We Ninja, Or Are We Operatives? (Or Are We Both? O_O)


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       The title kinda explains it all, are we as Tenno ninjas or are we operatives (combat agents so to speak)? In my opinion it feels like the only Warframe armor that makes you feel like a ninja would be Ash (maybe Loki if you were to go for a full stealth build), but besides that, not much makes you feel like a ninja (Shade, Kunai, Bo, Nikana, Attica*, Kestrel, Glaive, and basically all weapons that aren't thrown/silent). With that being said (in the parentheses of course) you could only feel like a combat operative/spy/agent. 


*although the Attica (crossbow) doesn't come from around the category of "Ninja", It is a somewhat throwback weapon that screams silent and deadly... _Insert fart joke here_


      Another thing that changes my view of what the Tenno are truly are is the Warframe armor each Tenno possess, making you feel more like a mage and such...


So, what is your view on who the Tenno are? (Combat operative? Spy? Agent? Ninja?)/I've considered that Combat operative, agent, and spy are seemingly close enough, but what do you view them as?


Discuss...? :P

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Ninjas wernt just silent black robed with ninja stars people keep trying to get that in this game, Ninjas were  masters of just about everything from stealth to full blown combat. We're ninjas. However each player may have a "Bio" so to speak for their characters. *shrug* thats my opinion

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