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I Got Scammed Kubrow Prints? Not Sure What To Do.



I am a free player and I spent awhile doing what needed to be done to make a kubrow, I scrounged up nearly 400k to make my kubrow and someone told me they wanted to buy my prints.


I made 2 prints, and they bought both, problem is... I was told that I could renew them for 10p so I could make more...


I can't find the button and players are telling me its 2 total, never to be re-made.


I only have one kubrow, a blue sunika with grey stripes on legs/bod etc.


Does this mean I can't make more prints for any future pups or for trade? (I'm not spending another 400k to find a new one, or 20 plat for a kub stasis slot >.> ripoff, moneydrain, and rush time should be 5/5 on prints/stasis, not 10/10 greedy.


People WILL SAY that I legit traded blah blah. I'm not mad at the guy. I'm mad I can't refresh my prints or make more. Nothing ingame told me that after making 2 I couldn't remake prints.  This is not cool. My kubrow is gonna be a perm artifact inside my ordis stasis. LOL. Kubrow doesn't kill enough and just wanders (with all its precepts) And paying ALOT of money to keep it alive is dumb. (for some players it isn't alot, but for low players it is.) I should be allowed to have prints for keeping and prints for selling. SIGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



SMH  Thanks for the read. Dunno what to do =/ ugh.

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You can only make 2 imprints out of 1 Kubrow.

If you feel like you've been deceived into selling them for less, you can go contact support.

But I'm not sure they could help you, unless you have a Screenshot of the transaction discussion for evidence.

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Only 2 imprints per Kubrow. And Kubrows are high cash sink. DNA Stabilizers, And to get a Kubrow you need to craft Incubator power core which costs 100k every time + finding egg.

Also Stasis slot and if you want to rush your Kubrow hatching for plat is around 35 plat.

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