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Question! ('bout Support... What To Do Correctly...)



      Let's say that I built the Machete for no darn reason and now I just want to revert it back to its blueprint form (now we all know that the Machete is underpowered and some people would be like "lol wut? You want to keep the bp? Well yeah... its got some sentimental value to me, but I currently have no need for it... (cause I already have the Wraith version and I hardly use that one too.) and basically its just a space muncher... 



So... I go to support? I'm not sure... cause I've never heard of somebody wanting to do this till this day... so I'm a bit lost.

Help please?

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I remember reading a support QA post that mentioned something similar to this. Basically, if you claim it and don't use it at all, they may consider reverting the claim. However, if you use the weapon and raise its level beyond Unranked they won't be able to revert it for you.


It's been a while since I read that so policy may have changed since, but it wouldn't hurt asking support regardless.

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