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Sentinel Weapons Overhaul


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So I have been playing warframe for a very long time and have seen the game improve on many aspects such as dmg2.0 the mod system changes (all of them) and the knew ship (sigh feels like it was made for the xbox and ps4 not the pc) but there has always been an area that very rarely gets love... the sentinel's and their weapons.


We have a grand total of 7 sentinels in the game and each of them fills a particular role the supportive wyrm to the kill stealing deathcube, and I am fine keeping it at 7 sentinels because we don't need more. Frankly we have everything we need for the actual sentinel choices, however when it comes to arming them we are incredibly limited. There are only 7 weapons for us to choose from for our hovering buddies yet we the tenno have 104 guns to chose from (primary and sidearms). That's just unfair especially when most of those guns we only use for the mastery then when they hit 30 we toss them. I find this to be a massive waste when some guns are great in a more supportive role that our little sentinels fill. I am not saying that we should be able to give our guns to our caries. What I am saying is that it would be cool if we could "convert" our guns with the use of resources, so that a sentinel could use it. That would broaden the build verity we see on them and would allow for some of the under used support weapons to shine a little more like the amprex, ignis, torid, supra ect the guns that are rarely seen. I think this could make the game much more unique and make our choices feel like they matter more. 


Like do I keep this amprex for myself and forma it 5 times to take to the void or do i convert it so that my sentinel can have an awsome status weapon to support me with? 


Oviously the weapons would need to be nerfed when getting changed to a sentinel because having a sentinel with a full power soma would be op, but I think this would be a neat addition to the game I love. Thank you for reading.

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