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Life Strike + Killing Blow



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If you're channeling then it can help, but on Dual IChors using the crit damage increase (organ shatter) leads to higher DPS than Killing blow. Just so you know.


That said, melee to me is not a viable option and a lot of frames die at higher levels trying to run their life strike, with the exception of Loki and Nyx who have great CC and Valkyr who is invincible.

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Killing Blow adds 40% damage to a channeled attack. Smite adds 30% to all attacks, elements anywhere from 18%-36%. 


So yeah, its a good choice, but only if you're channeling every attack. If you have to drop in Reflex Coil to do so, now you're losing a good chunk of DPS by taking up another mod slot. 


On a weapon like the Ichors, with it's blazing fast attacks, trying to constantly channel is going to drain energy INCREDIBLY quickly. Furthermore, the need for crit mods means you're not getting room for multiple elements, especially if adding Life Strike. Id say pretty definitively that KB on Ichors wouldn't work well.





So the only thing you could drop is the 90% Toxin mod which would be a damage loss of 56% to gain 40% only when channeling. Yeah, no.


Also, I would use a fully ranked Life Stike, it's a little more efficient, just only channel when you need to heal. Rank 0 works as a good compromise when you also want to channel occasionally for the damage boost.


Edit: Or ditch SS but then you're making the energy consumption problem even worse.

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