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The Lotus Decives You Tenno...


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basically the stalker was"betrayed" by the lotus, the event would start like any other farm this get that then it would have a recorded transmission that would be hidden in the ruff of the mission kinda like the bodies that randomly spawn as a source of ammo. you pick it up and the lotus immediatly recommed you get rid of it but you keep it hidden from her you play it in your ship it can go something like this. *fyi the sentances with lines over them are what the stalker is saying(it would also have his voice effect on it) *



The lotus decieves you tenno she chose to drain me of my power to save herself from death but i survived, tenno be wary the lotus  says her actions are to maintain balance in the system but she is a heartless creature that is destroying us i am one of you i was the first of kind. ther was no war. it was all a lie. (you begin to reject it) fall to your knees *act out pain* *memories come back to you* idk what would happpen from here maybe you guys could finish the story :3

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