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I get S#&$ all the time for using a Flux & Detron.

...maybe I'm just a fan of LAZORS!!...maybe I have 6 forma rammed into it...its a mystery, nobody really knows.

I cant defend the detron...that proc rate is so low its insignificant, I've gone entire missions and not seen a single proc out of it. :(


I like the Flux Rifle, too.  I put 5 Formae on mine.  It took a lot of effort to make it wreck things.


They need to extend the Flux Rifle's effective range to 35 like the Glaxion.  Maybe buff something else, too.  It's an expensive weapon to build and it doesn't have any polarized slots initially.



Detron needs some love, too, and I agree that it needs love in its Status Chance.

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In the defence of min-maxers, min-maxing is the only way things can be carried out objectively, though not 100 reliable it has credibility. Also given that this game has a ridiculous number of weapons (168) I think min-maxing behaviour would be more common because players want to get in to the heat of action as soon as possible without having to test all 160 weapons.


The same goes for real life, many children are forced to follow the footsteps of your parents or their words because you as much time that you want to spend finding what you are really good at(which so few actually can), you will need something to support you while you spend your time and given that skills does not come naturally, to denounce them is wrong.


However if players or people do go overboard claiming that there is no other alternative, you can ignore them simply because they clearly wish to live in their worlds and ignore the idea of potential.

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well, it seems by general acclamation that i'm a min-maxer as well.

i think the difference in definition is one that's a little more nuanced.

"elitist" is probably closer to the mark.


i'm happy with the weapons i craft & modify, they work for me.

I know i'm capable of any difficulty in the game. i've done them all.

i usually don't bother answering a player that's being elitist in his assembly of a group because i don't like playing with folks like that.


(they're usually the ones screaming at everybody in the group to "do it this way!" and that detracts from the fun)

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First of all, I'm a Chinese, and what I saw can't really represent the whole nation of China or the whole community of WF players....


But seriously, no matter where I go (forum both English and Chinese ones, different clan chats, even wiki discussion), I can see people rating a weapon/frame as crap because they are not as good as those "best" ones out there (quick example, Detron is a pretty decent weapon by itself but there are a whole lot of people commenting on it like "this is just crap comparing to Brakk/Despair"). And because of that, I couldn't stay in any clan for more than a week, having people talking like that just simply drives me nuts.


So guys, is that just me, or is there any other people who also can't stand the way min-maxers comment on stuff? :(

Dude, I am Chinese too.

But I love to forma my gear so I find my Detron rather deadly with 5 forma's on it.

I do Min-Max my gear but I only play what other players perceived as sub-optimal. I have 4 forma on my Ember Prime and she is deadly with the right set of mods.

I have the more popular frames (looking at you, Rhino and Boltor P) with a couple of forma's thrown at them but I don't use them at all.

I prefer to work with unloved weapons and frames. My Braton Prime at 5 forma works really well in high level content.

So, yeah, I am a Min-Maxer and Asian but I only use junk that nobody wants.

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