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Suggestions About The Config System!


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I usually don't write on the forum/discussion for Warframe though I believe it's good enough already but there is something I've started to get annoyed about, and that's constantly having to go from my arsenal, to the navigation, find the map I'm going to play, go back to the arsenal, go and change my weapon config, back to the navigation, find then map and Then Play it, after that I've gotta do the same thing for the next map..
What you should do is have a "config" button when you're in the navigation system, so when you press it you get a dropdown menu that allows you to quickly change your config for the different maps/planets.
Also you should be able to change the name of your configs!

Or is this something that already exists and I've missed it?
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Well first, the esc menu allows quick transfer from each area of the ship, and secondly, U14 gave players the ability to create full load outs to quickly switch gear in between missions. The number of load outs is based on rank (+1 every 2 ranks I believe).


Hope this cleared some problems for ya.

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Well first, the esc menu allows quick transfer from each area of the ship

Yes I knnow but it's still annoying if I have to do that everytime I've done with a mission.. And sometimes you forget it and there's only a couple of seconds left so instead of leaving the squad or interupting anything you could easily just press config, get the little drop down menu and press 'Config B' and done!

I'm going online now to check the loadout thing to see what you mean!

EDIT: Do you mean in the arsenal? In that case it's basically the same thing as the weapons config, and it would be really easy for them to just add a little drop down menu so that you can change the config without even leaving the navigation

I mean, sometimes when I play with my friends and I get the config we need it happends that we change our mind and we go to another planet, then I gotta exit the navigation menu Again.

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