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Issues With Oberon's Renewal In 14.5


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As of 14.5 Renewal now drains Oberon's energy over time while healing, and disables Energy Siphon during this time, much like the other toggle abilities (Sound Quake/Absorb).  There have been many instances where my Energy Siphon stays disabled long after my entire team is healed, sometimes for the remainder of the entire match.  If I try to "toggle" it off, I simply recast the skill.  Please fix this!



This bug aside, I'm not sure about the decision to make Renewal a "toggle" anyway.  Unlike the other toggle abilities, Renewal has a maximum heal amount and duration, and automatically turns off when everyone is healed.  The only thing about Renewal that is a "toggle" is the ability to end the skill early (supposedly, this also isn't working for me).  In most instances ending it early makes little sense as you'd want to get the full effect of the heal if your teammates are still damaged.


It also disincentivizes a build using a longer duration Renewal (low Warframe duration as this affects it inversely) that is more akin to Rejuvenation.  You'd be healing the same total amount as a quick stim-pack style heal (high warframe duration) but you'd have your energy draining for longer and your siphon disabled for longer.  Making a slow heal far less energy efficient, especially considering the energy lost that you could've been siphoning.  This narrows the build variety.


Renewal should either remain as is, but not be considered a "toggle" and not have energy siphon disabled for the duration. Or should be a true toggle, healing a constant amount (based on power strength) for a constant energy cost (based on efficiency) while having energy siphon disabled.




In short: 

     -Please fix the extended/permanent energy siphon disable.

     -If the skill stays as a "toggle", make it actually toggle.

     -Consider changing it to a non-toggle or true toggle ability more in line with the precedent set by other abilities.




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I think that they have 3 options when it comes to Renewal (making it not nearly as annoying, they could also just make us http://i.imgur.com/lJLOQzg.png):

1. Keep the toggle and remove the orbs, making it sorta like Trinity's healing ability, then do the HOT.

2. Remove the toggle and keep the orbs, going back to how it used to be.


3. Keep both the toggle and the orbs and make the initial heal max range and then have the orbs doing the HOT when it gets to the player, sorta like how it is right now.

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