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How Can I Avoid G3 Ditchers?



Hello.  I've been a fan and player since the one year anniversary, but I haven't really taken a look at the forums much.  Recently though I ran into ditchers on my last two G3 encounters.  It's not so bad if it's a client, but both of these were the host, and that means that as a Valkyr who can nearly solo these guys I am generally stuck in the middle of a battle standing very close to one of them when the host flees with his tail between his legs, causing a host migration, disabling active abilities, and leaving me unprotected at point blank range next to Vem Tabok's Hek for a one hit kill before I can reenable hysteria.  The second to last time I was actually lucky enough to have taken out two of them before the host ditched, and I killed the last of them, only to have to mission bug out and fail immediately afterwards as it is prone to doing after host migrations...  The most recent time I was not so lucky, and the aforementioned one shot kill happened followed shortly after by the rest of the squad getting taken down and everyone but the ditcher getting a G-bolt for their trouble.


So... how can we deal with this situation?  Is this actually a situation or am I just having bad luck with matchmaking?  I'm not suggesting that these cowards within the Tenno ranks be expunged, merely looking for suggestions on how we true warriors can mitigate the damage they do to our missions.

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I don't get why people leave though.  I mean, a single Valkyr can take down the G3 if played well, and they stop your bleedout timer when you go down if you aren't revived quickly enough.  The G bolt is a pain, but not enough to be worth screwing over everyone else to avoid.


I think G3 marks are bugged too because I've played like fifteen invasions against the Grineer and haven't gotten an email since the last time I fought them.  Not sure how I can tell if I'm marked in order to get into a hunting group, but they can come in invasions, so I guess it's not that essential to be marked.


Main problem is that I don't want the game to turn into a grind whenever possible, and specifically hunting for rare bosses leads to the mentality that they have to be grinded.


I guess one thing I should do at least is brush up on my G3 fighting tactics.  I pretty much wing it with hysteria every time if I'm luckey enough to be playing my Valk.

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