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Dual Stat Elemental Mods



So my question is , on a weapon that has already 2 elements is it worth stacking on top of that the dual stat mods to boost em even more?   So e.g on a corrosive build is it worth putting more corrosive on it sactificing 2 slots more?


Tyvm for the replies and your time.

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You wouldn't need to use two more slots to increase the corrosive damage. You need only add another mod with one of the elements you are already combining. Taking the corrosive example you used, you already have toxin and electricity mods installed. If you add another of either of those elements, it will join the combination that you have already established and increase the corrosive damage. Obviously adding another of each element will also increase the corrosive damage dealt even more.

Dual stat mods can be a better value-for-capacity option for weapons with low capacity. Even though they generally only max out at 60% damage (for 7 capacity points), they cost less capacity at that level than the pure elemental mods usually do, they usually cost 9 points for 60% damage.

So if you have capacity (and fully fused mods) a pure elemental mod can get you more damage (90% for 11 capacity), but if you are juggling things by wanting to add base damage mods (serration, hornet strike, etc...) and multishot mods as well, then the dual stat elementals can be useful when you are short on capacity, or if you need to push up the elemental damage for a particular enemy type that has a vulnerability. 

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or if you need to push up the elemental damage for a particular enemy type that has a vulnerability. 

This is a key point here. For OP's original question, if we're looking at for example armored Void, Corrosive damage is the only damage type that will do significant damage to higher leveled Corrupted Heavy Gunners. So we want to boost that as much as possible, even if it means we're doing less raw total damage per shot.


For example say you've got the 180% Corrosive installed, and are looking at adding either Malignant Force or Cryo Rounds. MF adds only 21.43% damage compared to CR's 32.14%, but it's of a far more important damage type so I would go with MF, regardless of the points saved (just a bonus IMO).

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