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Stuck In Elevator


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Ceres - Draco

I spawn in the large elevator mid way and it is not moving. I can not push the button either and inside the elevator its impossible to wallrun.

So it was impossible for me to get out of there. So i literally had no other option than to AFK and let the other guy do all the killing. Then after the mission he says blablabla in russian and adds me to ignore list.

So it might have something to do with a bad host thats far far away in russia.









Also i would like to add that the spawnrate of the enemies on this node seems to be bugged as well.

At the beginning of the mission one waves comes, and then when you almost have 100% another wave comes. Between that there is rarealy any enemy on the map. If you play it with 4 players or solo also seems to have no effect. You can easily solo this node for the first 3 waves to get a T4 key without problems. Dont even need good gear for that.

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