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Footsteps Of Hayden


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Okay, so... this would be a quest, utilizing the new archwing system in update 15.

First off, you could trigger a different defense mission on earth's dark sectory, by going in with excalibur or prime.

Thelotus would notify us that something is wrong, because our suit's internaly hidden memory bank redirected ordis to an ancient location. Here, there would be a 5 or 10 round infested defense, where we defend an orokin artifact instead of a cryopod.

Then, we could get a bunch or coordinates from the artifact. The first set of coordinates could send us to an orokin commander ship, (a bit more shiny than the normal towers and since commander, a bit more difficult) where we should have a survival game mode, with the first reward being the blueprint for the proto-skin for the glaive/prime, and exiting with the archwing(outside of the ship defenses, and we did just steal the vault's most prized treasure). Then when we return to the ship, ordis could inform us of the rest of the message, indicating that we have the coordinates to a long-lost derelict ship. We have to go there, and harvest some samples of the infestation.(since alad made it possible for them to infest the ship itself, a 4 datamass spy mission could do).

Then backwards engineer the samples into the glaive skin using the buleprint we found on the commander ship.

The result could be the glaive skin from the game dark sector(could be exclusive to the normal glaive, or a separate weapon altogether, with a slight damage increase, and faster than the glaive, but slower than the prime flight speed.), thus giving the name of the quest, "Footsteps of Hayden".

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Except that we know nothing of the hayden tenno of this universe.

The devs said that hayden tenno is the first tenno, but also pointed out that he is not the hayden tenno from dark sector.



But then they said he was and we got the Proto Excalibur skin. Kind of hard to argue with that.


I LIKE the idea of seeking who and what Tenno are through quests.

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