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3 Steps To "minimize" Mods Problems


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1. Keep the one-click filters on top of the list, that was great .


2. Put the mod list to the left again.


3. Get rid of minimized mods. 


Reading mods names is too slow and generic. Every mod having 2 visual ids is a lot to handle. Each mod should just have one iconic visual id, so you quickly recognize it.


Less color masks helps too, maybe just add a shiny border and leave the inner image like they used to be. I reckon this would probably go against what they teach in design courses, but not all they teach in classes works in the real world...


I wish good luck and am looking forward to warframe on wings!!

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Putting the weapon/warframe stats in a consistent place across UI panes would be nice too.  It moves just about as far as it possibly could from the Arsenal main menu to the Upgrade menu.  Consistent placement of elements is incredibly important to workflow.

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The only way to keep the mods the way that they are (which is the worst case scenario imo) would be to add more symbols.

Toxic, Cold, Electric, Fire, Crit, Puncture, Slash, Status, Nightmare, Corrupt etc... etc...

I'm never going to memorize all of the mod names. It's childish for a dev to think that it's community thinks that highly of the mod names.

Symbols and Pictures. Shapes and colours.

K.I.S.S Principle at it's finest.

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