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Wtb / Wtt Male Kubrow Raksa

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Gender: Male


Temperament: Huras and Raksa


Body Structure: Athletic, either tall or mid size


Prints: 2x


Patterns: Doesn't matter


Willing to pay: 10p-30p or up to 40 if i really like the pattern but it's not really important.


Couple of examples of the body structure im looking for:






Please post images of your kubrows to save everyone time! thank you

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This one's a raska with tall/athletic build. colours shown are the natural ones. she is female, but gender is randomized so you're as likely to get a female as a male. sorry if the screenshots are lackluster, I'll reply with better ones tommorow


I'll sell them for about 30 platinum

Just pointing out there's a good chance the OP wants a male because they already have a female, not because they want a male offspring.

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