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Test Server? Qa Testing? Volunteering?


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A while back I saw someone mention they were a "volunteer" for DE. I'm not sure what this means since the player didn't go into it and I didn't think much of it at the time. On reflection, however, I'd like to know if there is any way for a player to volunteer to test out new features in the game prior to release, or if there is any test area at all.


Yes, I know technically we are all beta testers, but I get the impression that sometimes little obvious things are missed and the devs may be too busy and things fall through the cracks. Case in point, the latest event and carrying multiple power supplies. That was patched after a dev got a chance to play through the event on their own, after public release.


In general, I'm pretty curious as to the PC patch release process and if there's anything that players can do to lessen the amount of... "surprise" and repatching... that happens after new content is applied.


I know that generally, the PC experience is beta for PS4, but will that also be the process for Xbox?


I'd also like to know about other player experiences doing QA work here or in other games.

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