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Sadly no. Once you choose a starter frame you are stuck with it until you build a new frame.


But don't worry! You can get new frames fairly early-ish, such as Rhino from the Venus boss.


Each starter frame has their advantages and disadvantages. What frame did you start with?

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You could submit a support ticket to have your account deleted if you want to start over and maybe they would do it, or if you're talking about building another frame then you would need to farm each component, farm the resources for each component, then build each component, buy the BP for that frame from the market for credits, and then build it, and then after a 3 day build time you will have your new frame!

As it is we have no way of building any frames since we can't even go past Venus because of Phorid, so we can't go farm the plastids or neural sensors unfortunately.

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