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Simple Feature Idea: Mark A Player


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There are times when I wish I could tell who was who on my map, usually when I want to stay near a support frame, or if I'm the support frame and want to shadow one of the tanks (etc...). It would be nice if I could just drop a waypoint on a teammate and have their icon change color on my map. Anyone else think this would be useful?

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Client only was my thought.


I'm not sure about color coding, it would be nice not having to WP players but I'm not sure that having everyone a different color would add clarity, and how would we know who is who? Depending on the implementation of that I might like it, or might not. Having it as a HUD option couldn't hurt. I would still be interested in a way to mark a single other player... having ony *one* special dot would be easier for me to see I think.



p.s. I didn't know that setinels could be WP'd, kubrows I did... never tried dropping one on a Wyrm lol


p.s.s. Thx for the thread move

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