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-Kirisute Gomen- Is Looking For Honorable Tenno (That Want To Have A Good Time!)


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Hey so I made this clan a while back with a Warframe buddy of mine when we left a top 15 Moon clan because we didn't like what clan chat had devolved into, so we decided to make our own clan! With blackjack and hookers! (last two still pending).

So to start from the top:

The name "Kirisute Gomen" is an old Japanese expression which literally translates into: "the authority to cut and leave" which in turn means that Samurai were allowed to cut down someone that offended their honor and not be prosecuted for it.

Imo a fitting name for a Warframe clan and our clan emblem is a blood-spattered Kanji which stands for "cut" to fit the theme.

Our Dojo layout is very efficient and all research labs are less than 10 seconds away from where you spawn. Everything is 100% researched (of course).

So why join us? (If the bad-@$$ name hasn't convinced you already)

Currently we are 4 active members. I'm Mastery 17 myself and the others aren't far behind, meaning we are quite experienced and quality players willing to help each other out whenever. We always strive to have a great time while in-game; We joke around and mess around a lot but still get whatever we are doing done, and get it done well!

Our nationalities are very diverse so proper English is required! However we don't nor do we plan on using any voice chat. We feel we can communicate just fine with typing and are completely OK with that.

While I don't want to uphold any Age or mastery restrictions, keep in mind that at the moment we currently average out on around age 26 for the current members and well, being active is of course a requirement.

And to close this out, our clan message is HONOR! and this applies to basically everything. We can all take jokes and handle sarcasml, but keep it classy (or very funny).


So that means no begging for mods or anything really that isn't awesome. Because in the end being awesome is what counts!

So, I hope that covers most of the stuff I wanted to convey and if this message spoke to you and you feel like you want to be part of our crazy little group, leave behind your tag and I will add you ASAP.

(On a side note keep in mind I want to stay a ghost clan for a while until I feel comfortable moving up to bigger things with the people we have because I really want this clan to be more intimate and a great place to hang out for everyone)



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