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I love updates...everyone does, but I'm starting to feel like the bugs in the game are outweighing the need for an update.


I for one would be happy with zero updates for the next two months...but instead, hotfixes to fix a wide number of issues. Including:


- Bugged UI when being invited,

- Bugged UI when inviting others.

- Vay Hek bugs at the end of the mission with a laggy host

- Host Migration in Void which is impossible

- Host Migration in Derelict which is impossible

- Host Migration not migrating properly in other missions

- Sudden change to Nova's M Prime which altered the explosion timing

- Not receiving mods when acquiring Warframe


These are just the ones I've experienced personally.


I would really like all the current content to be fixed before new stuff is added. No point in seeing a new weapon, but having crashes and problems here and there. It's just killing the player experience. Yes, shiny new weapon, but game problems.


Perhaps I'm alone in thinking this way, but I really think we need a hotfix prime as opposed to more updates.

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It's been explained why many times. 


There's an entire conversation going on about it here if you are interested in seeing it: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/303223-beloved-de-u16-pause-of-the-next-big-thing-straw-poll-included/


Read the whole thing and I still disagree, but it seems that the problem with this is that Warframe needs new content as Lifeblood. I shall aim to counter that.

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I do agree that time should be taken out to resolve old issues, but to keep the game alive they do need a source of revenue. That being said, a weapon being rebalanced to become "viable" would give people a reason to buy potatoes and forma. Think about it, who would spend money pimping out a Skana vs a Dakra Prime?

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