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Survival Appears To Be No Joke (Life Support Bug?)


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So I've tried a couple of Survival missions, but I seem to have some kind of issue with the LS that Lotus sends in. It seems like if there are more than two enemies nearby (thus making it challenging to travel) that the game loads the next guaranteed LS drop approximately 300M away. If I make a dash for it, I die from gunfire. If I stay to fight, I 'drown' in the vacuum of space.


Is this normal, and therefore darn near impossible to solo, or is it some kind of bug?

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I did this type too on venus I think, I think this mission is fairly bugged. I did it with a full team of 4 or 5, and we still failed. It just spawns an unrelenting amount of enemies, and no escape or air. No matter where we ran we would go down mostly due to lack of air or swarm of gunfire. I even revived a couple times, and only made it a couple feet or died while trying to revive my teammate.


Overall I'd say this is borked.


And the defend missions are borked too. If you clear it to say 10 or 15 even 20, when you fail it should still give it to you as an overall complete mission. Theres an unpredetermined amount of waves, and whether you choose to pass up a crappy reward or keep going you lose in the end. And half the time, it doesn't make sense how. Played last night till wave 16 with 2 other guys and the tube was fine, no one around, and we picked ourselves and eachother up, still failed. At least when you play these kind of missions on other games there a certain leniancy.

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