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A Corpus Secondary Or Melee Weapon...we Could Use One.


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Right now, we have the Angstrum, Spectra, Cestra, Detron and Dual Cestras as secondary Corpus weapons.

In comparison, the Grineer have:


-Twin Vipers (Wraith)

-Twin Gremlins






The Tenno have even more of 'em.

As for melee weapons, us aiding the Corpus only have their pleasure sticks Prova(Vandal), Lecta, Obex and Serro. 

The Grineer:


-Dual Cleavers


-Jat Kittag



I believe it is either time for a Corpus secondary Vandal event/challenge, or a Corpus Energy sword(Saw a cool design on the forums, will link it if I've found it.)


Community? What do you think?


Edit: Forgot the Spectra, d'oh.


EDIT#2: Found the thread I was talking about, give this guy a kudo!


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you forgot the spectra as a corpus-secondary


anyway, i dont think there is as much of a need for more corpus-weaponry, they have a crapton of primaries already and half the "grineer"-weapons arent even used by the faction (as are some corpus-weapons, but to a lesser degree)


agreed on a secondary vandal though, would like to see a complete set be possible

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You forgot Detron. Maybe also Plasma Sword, though I'm not entirely sure where that comes from.


Also, I think Gram is a Tenno weapon. Whatever it is, it's definitely not Grineer.

My bad. Also, I've read somewhere in the past that the Gram is a Grineer sword...

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so far its been my experience that most if not all the corpus weapons are energy based, as well most of them suck in performance. that may have some baring as to why there isn't a large calling for them I myself would love for a new corpus quest line as there have so far been two for Grineer if you count Vors prize and the Kubrow quest, and one for infested if you count the Mirage quest as infested. So We need one for the Corpus.

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